Northtown Coffee!

Hey everyone!

So I had dance class this morning, and we are starting to put our show together little by little! Today’s rehearsal was amazing! I loved the energy of our dancers and all the fun that they made out of it. I cannot wait to see how it turns out in December. Come watch us at Humboldt State on Thursday December 10 and 7pm!

Now for the purpose of this blog. I am waiting for my 1 o’clock class and I decided to grab some food at Subway and also stop at the local organic coffee shop I am so in love with… Northtown Coffee! It’s a local coffee shop here in Arcata located on G a and 16th Street! What I love about this place is it is a tiny little house looking shop that is colorful and full of decorations on the inside, and their coffee is ORGANIC aka REAL coffee, not Starbucks! (Sorry to all my Starbs workers, still love SB either way). I can never decide what I want though! Sometimes I get just a drip coffee, other days I get the Dirty Dream, a chai tea latte with dark chocolate, or maybe I get just a regular Chai Latte. Today I decided to go with my dad’s favorite here, the Mexican Mocha. It definitely is probably one of my faves when it comes to the specialty drinks! I also love their teas which are all freshly brewed by the leaves.

Now another thing about Northtown that I love so much: their ORGANIC LOCALLY GROWN food! From their breakfast burrito to their bagels to their breakfast tacos to their grilled cheese, it’s all amazing and yummy food! Now it does take time to get because they make their food (besides things like bagels) from scratch. So expect to have to be patient, but I promise it is worth every minute you wait!

Also, if you are ever in Arcata and have some free time on a Friday night, come check out their Open Mic Night on Fridays at 7:30 PM!

Now time to enjoy my Mexican Mocha and head off to class!

Mexican Mocha and blogs
Mexican Mocha and blogs

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