Happy 2016! Happy Spring! Or Is It?

Happy New Year everyone! I know it is a month late, but I have been MIA from the wonderful world of blogging. I am back now, and will do my best to at least post weekly this year!


It is now February 1st, which means that tomorrow, Mr. Groundhog will pop out of his burrow and let us know if we are ready for spring or if winter is going to hang around a few more weeks! In my opinion, I think winter wants to stay, it is still fairly chilly at least here in Humboldt County!

What is your Spring Dream? What are your goals? For me, I want to find a job, work hard in my classes, find my passion in the journalism world, and look into internships and jobs for this summer! I also hope to afford a little bit of traveling, whether it is a road trip with my friends, a week off to visit my Colorado lovelies, or an internship opportunity! I love cleaning, so I am sure that my spring cleaning will happen more than once this semester. I hope to write more, research more, and get better at keeping up with the media and breaking news in my town.

Alright, now for those New Year’s Resolutions! My big one for this year is to find my passion in media. I have always wanted to try podcasting ever since I started listening to some SoundCloud channels of YouTube vloggers I enjoy watching such as Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart. I will be doing some podcast practice in my major classes this semester and also some photography, so I hope those are good signs!

my girls
My family from this Winter Break, spending some time in Monterey, CA

My last little blurb for this post is for you, my readers. What do you want to hear about this year? Feel free to comment on this post, any post or any of my social media! I want to write what my readers are interested in!


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